Jacquelyn Brown - Troubadour Harpist

Earth Air Fire Water


Producer/designer: Jacquelyn Brown
Celtic cover artist: David Rankine
Photographer: Clive Cohen
Studio: Soundworks, London, Ontario, Canada
Engineer & mixer: Will Meadows
Assistant engineer: Mark McDonald
Remote recording assistant: Jackie Hyatt


Harp, voice, piano, various percussion:
Jacquelyn Ann Brown
Electric / acoustic fiddles: Oliver Schroer
Bodhran / ashiko drums: Denise Cunningham
Tin whistle: Scott Henderson
Cathedral bells: John Hartill Allen
Sound design / rain stick: Will Meadows
Yamaha grand piano and cathedral bells
recorded on site at St. Paul's Anglican
Cathedral, London, Canada, where
Jacquelyn Brown is artist-in-residence.
Original music © Jacquelyn Brown, 1995

[Photo of Jacquelyn and flame]
photo © Clive Cohen

To those who listen to this music:
may you always find "the power within,"
that divine spark which fuels the fires of love,
uniting us in body and in spirit.

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