Jacquelyn Brown - Troubadour Harpist

(Lovely) Elora

lyrics by Alex McLachlan, 1874.
music © 1992 Jacquelyn Brown
5:24 min / track 12 / CD: Awakening...

Lovely Elora! thy valley and stream,
still dwell(s) in my heart like a beautiful dream;
And everything peaceful and gentle I see,
Brings back to my bosom some image of thee.
I've roamed this Dominion allured by the beam
of wild woodland(s) beauty, by valley and stream;
From lone Manitoulin all down to the sea;
But found ne'er a spot, sweet Elora, like thee.

* There's lone rocky grandeur away at the Sound.
And down the St. Lawrence wild beauties abound;
Quebec, towering proudly, looks down on the sea,
And lone Gananoque there's beauty in thee;
And Barrie! the lady that sits by the lake,
O, would I sing a sweet song for her sake!
But here in thy beauty a-list'ning the fall,
O, lovely Elora! thou'rt queen of them all.

If friends should forsake me, a fortune depart,
Or love (should) fly, and leave a great void in my heart;
O, then in my sorrow away I would flee,
And hide from misfortune, Elora, in thee.
Away from the world, with its falsehood and pride,
In yon lowly cot where the smooth waters glide,
I'd commune with Nature till death set me free,
And rest then forever, (sweet) Elora, in thee.

(Sweet Elora, I love thee!)

* second verse omitted from the song
( ) added to the song version

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