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Awakening ... the breath of life

Jacquelyn Brown is carving out her own niche in the harpist society of North America. A vibrant and electric personality which carries over into her music and performance. While Jacquelyn likes to avoid being pigeon holed into a category of Celtic harpist, or New Age Harpist or classical/sacred harpist, she is equally adept at all forms. She does however, simply and accurately, maintain her identity as a troubadour harpist. Jacquelyn's debut CD, (released on her own Bertina Celina label), Awakening... the breath of life, has received an incredibly warm welcome. She has received a number of awards and honours, including Best New Age Release by the London Free Press. ... She has also performed on radio and television and is one of the rising stars in the Canadian music industry. ...

... passionate personality in her music draws the listener along on a personal healing journey.

David O'Connor Lewis / Editor / The Celtic Times

Spiritual is the one word that seems to keep cropping up over and over when discussing the work of Jacquelyn Brown. Not only is her CD release, Awakening... the breath of life, spiritual in sound and mood, the way Brown was drawn to the harp and her subsequent experiences can be thought of as spiritual as well. ...

Brown bought her first harp to use as a stage prop for dance. But... she just wasn't content to have it sit as a prop. Although she had no prior experience in Celtic music, she felt this inward desire to explore the instrument and create with it. ...

Her musical creations are soothing, contenting and mellow. And their link with nature is both above the surface and in its undercurrents. Life, healing and spirituality are all interconnected with nature, says Brown, and without making that conscious decision, nature became an integral part of her music.

Jamie Vandermoer / Off Beat Columnist / The London Free Press

Everyone experiences some pain and sorrow in life, but few can turn these into beauty as Jacquelyn Brown has. Brown doesn't talk about her personal suffering, but says that her direction as an artist has changed because of an incident years ago that brought her near death. Brown - dancer, choreographer, singer, songwriter and folkharpist - released to enthusiastic reviews her debut recording entitled Awakening... the breath of life. It was the culmination of a long journey of self discovery. "My music is about lifecycles enfolded in themes of nature and spirituality," she explains. "For me personally, the music is very healing. As an artist I hope to be a spark on the healing journey of others. ...

Brown remains at the centre of it all, with the themes and creative spark coming from within herself and the people and places she knows. It's a rather vulnerable position to be in, she admits. "When you perform, you're never sure how people will react. You leave yourself open to so many things. But the risks are mellowed in the hope that people will listen to their inner voice that calls them to their quiet centre where peace begins."

Portrait of a Graduate / University of Waterloo Alumni Magazine

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