Jacquelyn Brown - Troubadour Harpist

Can You Sense Mother Earth?

music & lyrics © 1992 Jacquelyn Brown
5:51 min / track 17 / CD: Awakening...

Down on the ground
you can SEE all the garbage.
Mother Earth is crying again.
Crying so softly, it never ends.

Down by the river
you can SMELL all the garbage.
Who is destroying Mother Earth's dress?
Mother is dying in the stench and the mess.

Down in the forest
you can TASTE all the garbage.
All God's creatures are dying in vain.
Choking and bathing in the acid rain.

Down in the city
you can HEAR all the garbage.
Lawn mowers, fancy cars polluting the air.
With the noise and the gasoline, where's the fresh air?

Down in mankind's heart
you can FEEL all the garbage.
Lying, stealing, killing and death.
Destroying the peace of God, only pain is left.

Mother Earth is crying...
Mother Earth is dying...

Can you SEE?
Can you SMELL?
Can you TASTE?
Can you HEAR?
Can you FEEL?

Can you sense Mother Earth?
Can you sense Mother Earth?

[photo of Jacquelyn in willow tree
holding Earth ball]
photo © Clive Cohen

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