Jacquelyn Brown - Troubadour Harpist
Live Performances

Jacquelyn is presently (2006) on a healing journey and not performing live.
She is also not providing harp therapy services at the moment either.
Sometimes life calls on you to just take care of yourself.

Jacquelyn over the last 20 years has been a troubadour harpist, a singer-songwriter,
a practitioner of harp therapy, an artist-in-residence,
a sacred dance choreographer and a member of a Reiki healing team.

On the concert and festival stage she played and sang original and Celtic music either solo or with backup musicians.

In corporate and educational settings she performed solo and gave demonstration/talks
about the pioneering field of harp therapy.

In private settings she was a transition artist working with the three great natural transitions of life
- birthings, weddings and dying patients.

Jacquelyn was artist-in-residence at St. Paul's Anglican Cathedral in London, Ontario Canada
where she performed upon request.

In workshop/retreat settings Jacquelyn combined her talents in harp performance, harp therapy
and sacred dance as a way to experience the divine spark within us all.

Articles about Jacquelyn and Harp Therapy with related links.
articles of interest

Jacquelyn travelled in England and Wales on a castle, cathedral, countryside tour.
June 18/98 Jacquelyn gave a solo concert with concert harp and voice in this historic Cathedral.
Canterbury Cathedral, England

THE MASS FOR ALL CREATURES - Saint Francis of Assisi
Annual unique blessing service with people and live animals.
Jacquelyn played harp with the St. Francis Ensemble for the morning liturgy,
each October at St. Paul's Cathedral, London, Canada 1998-2002.
Mass released on CD October 1998.
CD cover (coming soon) ....... Saint Francis

TREASURES OF THE HEART - Compilation Therapeutic Harp CD
Listen to a real audio sample track of Jacquelyn's original song titled Bed of Roses released July 1999.
Click on Emerald Harps music player.
Click on Treasures of The Heart CD cover.
Click on sample track #3
CD cover

SOULSTICE MILLENIUM - Compilation Therapeutic Harp CD
Jacquelyn's original instrumental Dreamscapes is featured on this November 1999 release
by the pioneering teachers of Harp Therapy.
CD cover (coming soon)

AWAKENING...THE BREATH OF LIFE - 1993 Independent Release
CD cover

EARTH AIR FIRE WATER - 1995 Independent Release
CD cover

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