Jacquelyn Brown - Troubadour Harpist


music & lyrics © 1992 Jacquelyn Brown
6:17 min / track 14 / CD: Awakening...

Sonja why did you go from us?
Sonja why did you go from us?

Eighteen and lonely, eighteen and afraid.
Eighteen and pensive, eighteen in the grave.

You were so beautiful.
You were so young.
Caught in the pain of life,
You took your life to the test.

Sonja, we love you.
How can we go on?
Your pain is our pain,
for eternity now.

Eighteen and desperate, eighteen and confused.
Eighteen wanting something to make the pain diffuse.

Now you're only memories.
I will remember your smile.
All your talents are put to rest.
You're a part of my soul.

We wish you peace with God.
We send you our love.
Pierced by your agony,
send us strength from above.

Gerry your father,
His Ruth, your mom,
Lisa your sister,
How can they believe you're gone?

Sonja, where did you go from us?
Sonja, where did you go from us?
Son.... ja........

We love you ......

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