Jacquelyn Brown - Troubadour Harpist

Awakening ... 
the breath of life


produced & designed by
Jacquelyn Brown

engineered, mastered by
Dan Brodbeck at
dB Studios, London, Ontario, Canada

cover photos by
James Hockings
back photo by LC

Jacquelyn plays on a
Salvi Ana harp from Italy,
a Muma Celtic lap harp from Canada,
an ocarina from Chile,
& an 01/WFD Korg Music workstation.
Jacquelyn's harp and voice
recorded live.
birds on Days of Love and Innocence - J.B.'s finches
Original music © Jacquelyn Brown, 1992


Dreamscapes to Loreena McKennitt, whose
music first called my Celtic heart to ancient
dreams of plucking harp strings.

Bed of Roses to my husband, whose
love continues to grow amid the fragrance,
the blossoms and the thorns.

Daughter of the Moon to my daughter,
whose eyes, smiles, and hugs bless
my life with the awe of her creation.

Elephants of Kenya to my sons,
whose spontaneous elephant
pictures continue to remind my
heart that the blood ties between mother
and child are forever, like the elephant.

In Bed of Roses, Eve says, "I felt creation
move, blow the breath of life into me."
Whether it be awakening to a new day, like
Eve, or to new dreams, passions, insights,
love, birth, life, death, or injustice, the very
yearnings of the spirit, body and mind are
fresh new breaths of life which empower us to
keep moving on this plane. When that breath
of life is threatened or extinguished, one
moves on to new dimensions, new life ...
the true gift!

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