Jacquelyn Brown - Troubadour Harpist

Awakening ... 
the breath of life

About the Album

In January 1993, Jacquelyn released her debut recording, titled Awakening ... the breath of life. This first recording contains selections featuring Jacquelyn's own compositions for harp and voice, with sounds from nature.

Her music deals with the heart's response to life, enfolded in themes of nature, healing and spirituality.

Jacquelyn sings the stories of people and places that are dear to her, with songs such as On The Shore of Leamington, based on Jacquelyn's childhood memory of a ten-year-old boy from her home town. Lovely Elora is a poet's reminiscences of his travels and life in Elora. River of God (Thames) is a song about people who walk, jog and bike on the banks of the River Thames, in London, Ontario, Canada. Leslie's Isle is the lament of a daughter who was compelled to take her father's ashes back to the Isle of Man for burial, then left behind also her mother, who died while on the trip. Mayfair is a celebration of springtime dance.

Other songs such as Daughter of the Moon, Morning Breaking, Deep Within My Soul, Bonny Love and Days Of Love And Innocence tell of the awe of creation, love and the soul's journey. Sonja, Can You Sense Mother Earth? and Elephants of Kenya are laments that cry out for healing in a world full of pain and injustice.

Jacquelyn's first release was recorded at db Studios in London, Canada. Original music and song with a gentle, meditative approach is central here. The soothing sounds create both moods and tranquility. Imagine a peaceful afternoon by the water with harp in hand and nature weaving its magic with the music. The instruments Jacquelyn uses on the recording include an Italian Salvi harp, a Canadian Muma harp, a Chilean ocarina, a Korg music workstation and her own finches.

playlist: 18 selections ....... 66:36 minutes in length

Dreamscapes ... Morning Breaking ... Bed Of Roses ... Deep Within My Soul ... Bonny Love ... Days Of Love And Innocence ... Daughter Of The Moon ... Mayfair ... Come Little Children ... Enter In ... Water Gardens ... Lovely Elora ... Leslie's Isle ... Sonja ... River Of God(Thames) ... On The Shore Of Leamington ... Can You Sense Mother Earth? ... Elephants Of Kenya ... original songs/music 1992 Socan

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